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Shield Structures Temporary Storage Buildings
Shield Structures Temporary Storage Buildings

Materials For
Temporary Storage Buildings

The Shield Group Manufacture All Our Frames In Anodised Aluminium

The use of aluminium is due to its weight and strength. It is a very versatile material that does not rust or rot. The frames are built to conform to all the relevant standards. The covers are manufactured with flame retardant PVC. Whilst steel buildings are more competitive in terms of cost, they do require a solid base on which to build. This takes time and costs, something the aluminium does not. In versatility terms aluminium is the preferred metal.

If the structure is considered permanent then the steel frame might be preferred, as it more complicated to be taken down. Regarding the roof covers, there can be used single or double skin PVC. The walls can be made of single skin steel, insulated sandwich type or PVC.

Both metal structures are built to according to British Standards. Learn more through our complete guide to temporary storage buildings.