Our warehouse structures are available in clear span widths of 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m and 30m on standard eave heights of 4.20m, 5.20m and 6.20m. The main framework i.e. the uprights and trusses are manufactured from high-grade anodised aluminium profiles in accordance with German industrial norms, DIN 4112. All connecting parts are manufactured from hot-dipped galvanised steel.

Our structures do not require solid foundations and our structures can be installed on most types of ground surface including concrete and asphalt. Because of the modular design system, these structures provide enhanced flexibility since they can be increased or decreased in length as and when required.

These temporary structures can be quickly dismantled when no longer needed or, if needed at another location, the structure can be easily re-located. All our structures are fitted with alloy “U” profiles for the uprights, which accept the 40mm thick, insulated panels or corrugated sheet-walling system.

Should PVC walls be required, all frames are supplied with the wall tension system our structures are available with standard single layer translucent or block-out roof and gable sections. Alternatively, a specially designed Thermo-roof system can be applied.

This system consists of two plastic coated membranes, which are placed under atmospheric pressure, forming air cushions. Once in place, the covers are inflated with a specially designed air pump. The pump maintains a constant level of air pressure between the two transparent panels.

This system makes the interior very quiet and is ideal for temporary stores as the thermo roof system eliminates condensation. The K-value of the translucent thermo-roof is 1.6k; a higher K-value can be achieved by using blackout material instead of translucent covers.

We are able to provide competitively priced, total solutions for your warehousing needs – for example in addition to the actual structures we offer a full range of accessories tailored to your requirements, for example climate control systems, gutter systems, fully automatic or manual roller shutter and personnel door units etc.

Another temporary storage solution is our Clearspan marquee structure range. The Clearspan structure itself can be installed in widths of 6,9,12, and15 meters and can be extended to any length you require. It is perfectly suited to house a wide range of business functions.

By offering the Clearspan structure range to our customers we can be extremely cost effective as we are able to offer a very competitive price per square meter. One of our friendly advisors will be ready to advise you of the quickest and most cost effective way for you to meet your storage demands.

We can also offer a maintenance contract for a monthly fee whereby we can come out and perform any necessary maintenance and replace any damaged fixings at their unit cost price. We can provide expert assistance to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week over the phone, or we can be called out at your discretion in the case of an emergency.

We also offer our customers the option of purchasing their temporary storage solution at the outset. This method can prove to be extremely cost effective especially to larger firms which require a longer term large temporary storage solution.

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