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Temporary Structures

Temporary yellow building


Suited for short and long term let, quick to build, with no need for foundation

Construction Temporary Structures

Construction Sites

Provide valuable rental or sale options of versatile structures for construction sites

Agricultural temporary building


Flexible and cost-effective solutions to mitigate the unpredictable nature of the agricultural industry

Retail temporary buildings


Aiding businesses to swiftly recover after emergencies like fires, to accommodating supermarkets during renovations


Offices & Workspaces

Temporary office building solution equipped with compliant construction, catering to companies facing growth-related space requirements

NHS testing buildings


Addressing the COVID-19 crisis by supplying temporary testing structures and aiding vaccine distribution to NHS sites

Education Shield


Adaptable modular units that offer a nimble and economical response to fluctuating educational demands by swiftly providing extra space for institutions

What is a temporary structure?

A temporary structure is, as the name would suggest, a structure that is designed to be used only for a shorter space of time. Temporary structures are manufactured to comply with all of the relevant building and safety requirements and can serve as either an addition to your current storage or as a temporary replacement, depending on the circumstances.

Temporary structures are available to hire and can be delivered and installed on your site. Depending on your requirements, they can be supplied with lighting, electricals, heating or cooling and in a range of different sizes to suit your location and requirements. Temporary structures are very useful. They provide a cost-effective solution for any company that requires additional space for storage, working or both. Much quicker to construct onsite than a more permanent solution, they are often used in situations where timescales are tight. They are also the ideal temporary solution whilst a more permanent structure is being created.

What industries might find temporary structures useful?

Temporary structures have a great many uses and are used in a range of different industries and businesses to provide additional space quickly and easily. Industries where temporary structures might be particularly useful include:

Construction Sites – they are a good solution for security, social areas or even for catering facilities depending on the requirement and number of employees on the site.

Agricultural – offering temporary storage facilities they are durable and weatherproof and can also be used as temporary livestock shelters.

Retail – for any retail space undergoing expansion or refurbishment, a temporary storage solution is a necessity. They are also the ideal choice for those retail spaces needing to accommodate larger amounts of stock at peak times of the year, such as Christmas.

Office & Workspace – supplied with carpet and all of the necessary fitting, temporary structures can offer a short-term solution for companies who are looking for bigger premises but need something in the meantime.

NHS – In addition to offering storage solutions, temporary structures can be useful to organisations like the NHS in the event of emergencies that require a larger number of temporary sites.

Education – temporary classrooms are an important solution for schools that have outgrown their current space whilst building work takes place to extend their existing buildings.

What types of temporary structures are there?

The term temporary structures cover a wide range of different structures. From simple tents and shelters that are suitable for use in the very short term to modular buildings and insulated buildings that have been designed to not only withstand all types of weather but also give the kind of flexibility that many businesses require, there is a temporary structure for every eventuality.

The temporary structures that we supply can be purchased or hired, and we can install and even move your temporary structures as required. We also offer a maintenance package to ensure that your temporary structure is kept in the best possible condition, ensuring the safety of you, your employees and your stored goods.