Temporary Buildings for Education - Classrooms & School Sport Halls

Shield Group can supply temporary or permanent classroom or sport halls buildings at short notice. The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasised the need for social distancing. This has caused some educational establishments to use modular temporary structures as temporary classrooms.

At Shield we are totally flexible in our application to supply temporary structures of different sizes to satisfy this need.

Social distancing and the spacing out of desks for exams has meant that more space is needed, even for a short period of time. Our structures can be heated and lit to your requirements.

With widths of up to 30m and eave heights of 6m, we can offer a structure to replace a damaged sports hall. In case of necessity, it’s important to get it back up and running as soon as possible.

The frame is manufactured using anodised aluminium with the covers made in PVC, flame retardant to BS5438 pt. 2. The PVC roofs are translucent, allowing 75% of the outside light to be inside. This saves on your electricity bills. Being demountable, the structures can be extended or reduced in size according to your needs. In addition, they can easily be moved and re-sited.

For security and social distance reasons, we can supply solid sides for the structure, with a double door allowing access into the classroom. Shield structures require no foundations and can be erected on all sorts of different surfaces. Also, we can supply both heating and air conditioning as required. In addition, we would arrange for an inspection on a regular basis.

We can get a competitive quote to you very quickly so the decision can be made as soon as possible to get a temporary hall in place.

In addition, we are flexible with the terms of the lease as buildings generally are not completed to agreed dates.