Shield Temporary Structures for Construction Sites

Construction Sites

The Shield Temporary Structures has supplied structures on construction sites for many years. Whether rental or outright sale, these structures have proved their worth.
Used as social areas, catering or for security, they are common sights on or near major construction sites.

During the build for London Olympics 2012, a Shield Temporary Structure village site was set up for welfare, kitchens and toilet facilities.
The construction was spread over more than 2 years, requiring structures to be in situ for all this time. Every delivery to site was security scanned, prior to being allowed on site.
As private vehicles were not allowed on site, the workers had to come to work by public transport. All security checks were done in temporary structures.
Induction courses were carried out in the tented village before allowing access to the site.
As construction moved its emphasis on site, the temporary structures were relocated accordingly.
Shield Temporary Structures can also be used for Health and Safety at large sporting events where stewards are required, and catering and security are needed.
Versatility, flexibility and adaptability are the key words for these structures.