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Shield Structures Temporary Storage Buildings
Shield Structures Temporary Storage Buildings

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What is a Temporary Warehousing Structure?

Portable, cost-effective and highly versatile, temporary warehouse buildings are a great solution for any company that is looking for additional warehousing on a temporary basis.

A temporary warehouse is a structure that has been designed specifically for use as a warehouse but has not been intended for use in the long term. There are often occasions when a company may have need of additional cheap temporary warehousing for a limited period of time, and this is the set-up that is ideal for their requirements. Temporary warehouse structures may be standalone or part of a modular structure that is intended to be added to a building already in use by a company.

A temporary warehouse structure may be made from a range of materials, including aluminium, steel or even wood. This warehousing solution may be insulated or climate controlled in order to provide an environment that is safe and comfortable and the ideal place to store goods. Available in a range of different sizes, temporary warehouses can be used to create a lot of additional storage space or a smaller space. Temporary warehouses can be supplied with heating, cooling, electricity, lighting and even internet access. Built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, they are manufactured to meet building and safety requirements.

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Why might a company need temporary warehousing?

Used to provide additional storage space, a temporary warehouse is a great solution for many companies. Building permanent warehousing can take time and is an expensive option. For those companies that do not have the budget or the resources, or indeed those who require a solution to their warehousing issues in a hurry, portable warehouse buildings offer a solution that is cheaper and can be put in place much quicker. Temporary warehouse cost is far more affordable for many companies, particularly in the short term when finding a warehousing solution for their business is a must.

Temporary warehouse buildings are a good short-term solution for any company that is going through a period of high growth, a seasonal business that only needs additional storage space for part of the year, or business that are located in areas where there is a high population growth. They can even benefit a business that finds itself needing to undergo significant renovations to its permanent warehousing. Finally, they can also be used in areas that have been affected by natural disasters. 

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Why Choose Shield Temporary Structures?

At Shield Temporary Structures, we have a comprehensive range of temporary structures with something to suit every requirement. No matter what you are looking for in your temporary structure, we can assist you.

Industry Expertise

We’ve been industry leaders for years, offering top-notch temporary solutions. When you choose Shield, you’re opting for quality and durability.

Safety and Regulatory Compliance

At Shield, we adhere to stringent safety standards and ensure that our products meet or exceed all local building codes.

Customisation Options

We offer extensive customisation options. Whether you need specific dimensions, unique flooring, or additional features like HVAC systems, we’re here to meet your needs.

Competitive Prices

We offer premium products and services at competitive prices, providing exceptional value for your investment.

All-in-One Solutions

From the initial consultation to final dismantling, we provide a turnkey solution, eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors.

Reliable Support

With Shield, you get more than just a building. You get a partnership. They offer full support from the planning stage through to the installation and maintenance of your temporary classroom buildings, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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