Temporary Structures Retail For Hire And Sale

The Shield Group manufactures a wide range of temporary/permanent structures.

There are many uses for the structures on a temporary or permanent basis.

In the event of a fire or any other such calamity, it is important that the business gets up and running as soon as possible before valued customers go elsewhere and don’t return.

Supermarkets for example are regular users of temporary structures whilst they refurb their stores or even partly rebuild them. They have the benefit of large car parks to allow structures to be built.

In recent years many supermarkets have taken relatively small structures purely as a storage space. The uplift in the goods and stock can go up by 15-20% in the wintertime, and the stores physically run out of space. The use of a tent to not only be for store but also keeping the goods dry whilst unloading.

Other seasonal businesses that experience the growth would include the Post Office.

With retail patterns changing daily, such as Amazon, there is greater demand for storage space, vehicles loading and unloading, and deliveries to retailers.

The Shield Group are ready and able to react quickly when the demand occurs. With good stock levels we can create space where none existed before.

In such a fast moving and constantly changing industry sector where retailers cannot afford to stop trading for one hour let alone one day, our temporary modular buildings have proven themselves time after time during peak trading months to help cope with high seasonal demand, store development and refurbishment programs.

Need extra space for that Christmas rush?

Due to the high demands for products during the Christmas season we offer ultra-competitive rates for our temporary storage solutions. We realise that for many companies a huge influx in orders, production and stock levels can cause major operational issues.

We can arrange a temporary solution for you in as little as 7 days with the ability to keep the storage space short term, long term or we can also offer ‘buy-back’ solutions to offer you a cost-effective permanent solution.

Temporary supermarket or shop

Having a temporary supermarket or shop installed on site during refurbishment work ensures stores are able to remain open to the public and loyalty customers are not lost.

In many cases, the temporary store has created a rise in business as customers visit out of curiosity!

Our temporary supermarkets and stores are usually erected in customers’ car parks and can be linked to existing stores creating additional space with walkways through to other retails areas or vehicle access to the warehouse.

Shorter-term temporary modular buildings can also be erected on car parks for periods of high seasonal demand such as summer BBQ season or Christmas.

Similarly, new product promotions might benefit from a high-profile stand-alone space away from the main store.

Our temporary building solutions provide an instant and effective result for retailers.