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Shield Structures Temporary Storage Buildings
Shield Structures Temporary Storage Buildings

What is a
Temporary Hangar?

How Do Temporary Aircraft Hangars Work?

A temporary hangar is a modular, prefabricated structure designed to house and protect aircraft, equipment, and personnel from the elements. These structures are typically made from high-quality, lightweight materials, such as aluminium frames and heavy-duty PVC fabric, ensuring durability and easy transport.

Temporary hangars can be quickly assembled and disassembled with minimal tools and labour, allowing for rapid deployment in a wide range of locations. Their modular design enables customisation in terms of size, layout, and additional features, such as ventilation, insulation, and lighting.

The Advantages of Temporary Hangars

Temporary hangars are rapidly deployable and cost-effective structures that provide a secure and weather-resistant environment for aircraft storage and maintenance. What are the features of temporary hangars, their applications in various industries and settings, and the range of temporary hangar buildings available? Not sure where to start, read our complete guide to temporary storage buildings.


Temporary hangars are generally more affordable than permanent structures, offering a flexible solution for short-term or seasonal needs. This is due to the ability to manufacture temporary aircraft hangars at scale. Permanant buildings will also require stricter building regulations, which also cost money.


Requirements for most projects change; there are scenarios you cannot plan for. Temporary hangers can be easily relocated, expanded, or modified to accommodate changing requirements. They can be redeployed to different locations and used over multiple projects, which isn’t possible with permanent structures.


As these are prefabricated structures, they are designed for quick and easy installations. These structures can be deployed rapidly, minimising downtime and disruption to operations.

Areas We Cover

Industries and Applications of Temporary Hangar Buildings


Aviation Industry

Temporary aircraft hangars are ideal for commercial airlines, private aircraft owners, and maintenance providers requiring additional space for aircraft storage, maintenance, or repair. These structures can be installed at airports, airfields, or other aviation facilities, providing a flexible solution for fluctuating demand.


Military & Defence

Similar to the aviation industry, they can be deployed at military bases and in remote locations to house and protect aircraft, equipment, and personnel during training exercises, humanitarian missions, or emergency situations.


Event and Exhibition Spaces

Events that require larger solutions than marquees, can also use temporary hangars to create large, weather-resistant spaces for events, exhibitions, and trade shows, accommodating a variety of aircraft and equipment displays.


Types of Temporary Hangar Buildings and Services

Temporary hangars offer a versatile, cost-effective, and rapidly deployable solution for aircraft storage and maintenance across various industries and settings. From small aircraft hangars to large, insulated structures, there is a temporary hangar building to meet every need.

Embracing the benefits of temporary hangar solutions can enhance operational efficiency, flexibility, and adaptability in the ever-evolving world of aviation.