Temporary & semi-permanent industrial buildings

Shield Manufacturing is a supplier of temporary/semi-permanent industrial buildings. Whether short term or long term, whether outright purchase or rental, we can satisfy your needs. The market for these buildings is growing at an enormous rate. When one considers the simplicity of the structures, the speed of construction and the versatility of size, it’s easy to see why.

Whether for commercial purposes or industrial, they offer a cost-efficient, versatile solution.

With sizes ranging from 3m wide to 25m wide and unlimited length, the temporary buildings fit all manner of purposes. With leg heights from 3m to 6m, versatility is the key.

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    They are quick to build, without the need for foundations. The structures simply bolt to the ground by means of a baseplate and bolts. Different forms of anchorage may apply dependant on the surface where the structure is to be built.


    The buildings can be used for manufacturing, retail and storage.

    The industrial temporary buildings can be short term or long term, they are built to meet all BS and Euro codes for both wind and snow loading.

    The buildings are manufactured with aluminium frames with hot dipped steel connections.

    With the options of walling, we can offer PVC soft walls, single skin steel or insulated steel sandwich panels.

    Roof options are single skin PVC roofs flame retardant to BS5438 pt2 or inflated double skin roofs complete with auto pump. These roofs are very efficient in reducing condensation, quiet in high winds and have an insulation effect in the structure.

    If required, gable vents can be inserted for ventilation purposes. Branding gables is also popular with a company logo. Roofs and canopies can also be supplied in different colours.

    One of the benefits of white roofs is the translucent nature of the PVC allowing a lot of natural daylight inside.

    If required, we can supply lighting, thereby allowing work or storage to be carried on late in the day.

    Access into the structure can be with personnel doors and by roller shutters. Roller shutters allow a regular sized waggon to drive inside allowing goods to be loaded or unloaded in the dry, thereby protecting the merchandise.

    Purchasing options include outright purchase, lease hire or rental.