Hire or buy Shield Temporary Structures

Shield Temporary Structures can offer hire or buy in accordance to your needs.

Hire Shield Temporary Structures

If you need the structure for less than 2 years, the best cost-effective solution is to hire it. This is a solution for festivals, fairs or short time events.

Rent Shield Temporary Structures

The benefit of rental is the flexibility of the contract. There is no need for a major capital outlay. We ask for a deposit followed by monthly payments.

The initial deposit would be agreed by both parties.

Included services:

  • Delivery and installation
  • Dismantle and transport

Buy Shield Temporary Structures

The structure remains the property of the Shield Temporary Structures until the end of the contract or if the customer wishes to purchase the building. 

With our hire or rent terms we aim to be as flexible as possible. This hire or rent terms is especially popular for the short-term requirements.

In case of purchasing the building, the new owner can also ask for maintenance service which will be decided on a case-by-case system.