FAQ Temporary Structures

Please check the questions and answers below in the FAQ Shield Temporary Structures section.
First-time customers of Shield usually have some questions, so if you are considering a temporary structure, you likely have some too.

Can you buy or rent temporary structures?

Our temporary structures are available to buy or to rent, and we offer a choice of two flexible financing options. If you only require a temporary solution, you can rent the temporary structure for as long as you want with our finance leasing plan with our trusted commercial partners. If you require a more permanent solution, you can also buy your temporary structure altogether whilst benefiting from our competitive manufacturer’s rates.

Why choose a temporary building over a permanent one?

Fast & Flexible – Our structures can be expeditiously assembled, providing a quick fix to your storage, industrial or commercial requirements, whereas a normal building has a long construction time.

Do you use modular technology?

Yes, we use an advanced modular technology, which gives us the possibility to modify and move the temporary buildings to suit your every need, wherever and whenever.

Do you do custom-made temporary buildings?

Yes, we offer custom-made and versatile solutions, so you can specify absolutely every aspect of your temporary structure’s design and construction. There’s no limit to the solutions we can provide.

Are these buildings cost-effective?

The actual construction of the structure is quick and they are easy to maintain, with fully flexible contract duration, so you can hire our structures for as long as you ever need.

Why chose Shield?

One of the most common questions was why choose our company? Well, there are multiple reasons that are, actually, quite simple.

  • Design. Manufacture. Installation
  • Modular and Bespoke Solutions
  • Engineering Expertise
  • Flexible Hire or Buy Options
  • Free On-Site Visit
  • Super Fast Installation
  • Nationwide Coverage

Why use temporary structures?

Temporary structures get called lots of different names, portable buildings, semi-permanent structures, prefabricated buildings, but fundamentally it means a building that can be installed and easily relocated – suitable for short or long term use. By choosing Shield temporary structures, you can rapidly increase operational capacity or on-site storage space with minimal cost, interruption and delay.

How long does a temporary structure last?

Although usually referred to as temporary structures Shield structures can be used as a long-term solution – a cost-effective and faster alternative to traditional building construction, that are expensive and have long construction times.

Can the temporary structures be linked to other buildings?

To ensure full integration with your existing facilities and processes, we can link our structures to your own buildings or to each other. These weather resistant links for temporary buildings will help you make sure that:

  • Employees, goods and equipment are kept dry at all times
  • Processes and procedures are kept as efficient as possible

What are the typical applications for linked temporary structures?

  • Linking a loading canopy to an existing warehouse
  • Linking a warehouse temporary structure to an existing production facility, in order to extend space
  • Gutter-linking two hire structures together to create the overall space needed.

What are the temporary structure sizes?

Our temporary structures are available in a range of clear span widths of 5m to 25m and on standard eave heights of 4m, 5m and 6m. The main framework i.e. the uprights and trusses are manufactured from high-grade anodised aluminium profiles in accordance with German industrial norms, DIN 4112. All connecting parts are manufactured from hot-dipped galvanised steel. We have an unlimited range of length of 5m bays, so we suit everyone’s needs, suiting customers who only want a short length, and customers who want a longer length, and, also, those who want their length extended.

What is a Shield temporary structure?

  • Engineered with an industrial aluminium frame.
  • Available in 3-25m spans, unlimited length and up to 6m eave.
  • Ideal for storage, warehousing, workshops or loading bays.
  • Suitable for basic weather protection through to chilled storage.
  • Easy and quick to transport, install, dismantle, remove, relocate or modify.
  • Can be used short term or as an alternative to a permanent building.

How can a temporary structure from Shield help your business?

  • A building can be built on your site in 4 days requiring minimal labour, equipment and material costs.
  • The build process is fast and easy, so it won’t impact on your daily operation.
  • Once dismantled and removed there will be no evidence of the buildings’ existence.
  • You won’t need any expensive foundations or ground preparation due to our temporary structures being able to stand on any flat surface.
  • Hire a building and avoid large, risky capital expenditure.
  • Or buy our cheap temporary structure and use instead of a permanent building, saving money and time on construction and maintenance/upkeep.

Regularly Asked Questions about temporary buildings

What is a temporary structure?

Buildings that can be hired and easily relocated – suitable for short or long-term use.

What is a prefabricated structure?

Structures that are manufactured off-site, for fast delivery and installation and are relocatable.

What is an Industrial canopy?

A building used for industrial activity – warehousing, production, storage or logistics.

What is an industrial structure?

A building used for industrial activity – warehousing, production, storage or logistics.

What is a modular structure?

A building that consists of lots of modules/sections and is manufactured off site.

What is a re-locatable/portable structure?

A building that can be disassembled and moved from site to site as required.

What is a storage structure?

A building used for basic storage, which can be insulated, or temperature controlled if required.

What is a warehouse structure?

A large industrial building used for warehousing with racking systems and FLT access.

What is a workshop structure?

A building that is used for operational activity – production, repairs, teaching etc.

What is planning permission?

Approval from a local planning control for permission to build – not always needed for temporary buildings.

What are planning applications?

Applications made to a local planning authority for permission to build.

What is a planning offer?

Officer within the local authority who deals with planning applications and will usually need to say yes to a building project before construction can even start to begin.

What are the site managers?

Highly experienced, trained and skilled managers who oversee building projects on site whilst helping with erection.

What are groundworks?

Laying of foundations and/or concrete pad for building works when needed – not needed on level hard ground for temporary buildings.

What are concrete pads?

Concrete foundation used to level undulating ground prior to building works.

What is snow and wind loadings?

The structural load of which a building can safely tolerate when loading.

What are structural calculations?

The calculations that determine the structural load – Shield can assist with these.

What is Ancillary equipment?

Additional equipment used, for example, for generating power, heating, lighting, temperature control, required for the building.

What are risk assessments?

Determination of the risk associated with a temporary building installation.

What are method statements?

Safe work procedure associated with a temporary building installation – a requirement for most commercial premises.

What are CAD drawings?

A computer aided design drawing of a temporary building.

What is a span?

The width of a temporary building. Aganto buildings range from 3m to 25m.

Where the side wall and roof pitch meet. 

What is a clear span?

A style of frame that requires no internal poles or legs to hold it up, ensuring the entire internal span is clear.

What is a bay?

A unitary length of structure of varying sizes, often used for loading/unloading.

What is a purlin?

A structural support beam positioned in the roof between main frame sections.

As our customers always come first, we are more than pleased to answer any questions you might have after reading the FAQ Temporary Structures section