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Temporary Agricultural Buildings

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We have a large range of temporary structures available for agriculture, whether as a cold stall or a building that forms part of a larger farmstead . The temporary structure is vigorous and stable, extendable, expert-engineered and adaptable. 

Temporary farm structures are an easy and quick alternative for storage and shelter.

Temporary farm structures and halls provide excellent weather protection. In order to accommodate all your needs, the temporary structures can be insulated, non-insulated, with hard walls, flooring or any other custom modifications needed for the  farm work process. 

We can supply a variety of specific solutions for temporary agricultural structures, including animal sheltering, farming, riding and storage.

At any point, the buildings can be enlarged or modified. You may even relocate or remove  the complete temporary agricultural structure with little trace that it was ever there.

When it comes to such buildings, permanent or temporary, why leave anything to chance? 

Shield’s temporary structures are made from high-quality materials, ensuring that farmers get a building that is robust and dependable, as well as one that cattle and workers can enjoy and thrive in. We use fire retardant, durable PVC for the roofs and can fit a variety of wall and roof styles whether you need additional security or enhanced insulation.

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We can provide structures up to 25 metre wide and up to 6 metre eave height

    Bird Flu Control 2022

    With the increasing emergence of the Bird Flu in 2022 we want to help farms maintain and protect  their livestock of birds ( turkeys, chicken, goose ) according to the government regulations, by providing temporary indoor shelters to accommodate all farm needs. 

    Our temporary shelters for birds are fast assembled, modular and according to all the UK regulations allowing you to continue your workflow with no interruptions. 

    “Scrupulous biosecurity and separating flocks in all ways, from wild birds remain the best form of defence. Whether you keep just a few birds or thousands, from Monday 7 November 2022 onwards you must keep your indoors. This decision has not been taken lightly, but is the best way to protect your birds from this highly infectious disease.” – The United Kingdom’s Chief Veterinary Officer Christine Middlemiss   – view full article