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Carport - Temporary Storage Buildings

By responding to the national emergency generated by the coronavirus pandemic, Shield Manufacturing has taken a leading role in supplying temporary structure for the testing of Covid-19.

Shield temporary structure carports upscale style makes it a versatile all-year-around structure; protect your car from the elements or create an enjoyable sitting area. The very spacious environment gives you plenty of room to keep your vehicle or to unwind under your cosy shelter. One of Shield’s carports key advantages is its flexibility of being disassembled and reassembled, which allows you to easily relocate your Carport and just as easily to reassemble it.

If you don’t want to relocate it yourself, our team are happy to do it for you, easily and expeditiously. Our carport provides your family with a practical and handy shelter that is sturdy, corrosion and maintenance-free for many years to come.

The aluminium frame and galvanized steel connectors help ensure that this carport is robust, strong and maintenance-free all year round, making sure there is no hassle or effort for you, taking time out of your busy schedule. Learn more through our complete guide to temporary storage suildings.


Our prefabricated temporary structures can be used as so many different things, and in the case of a carport, it is a stylish and durable outdoor structure. It was manufactured and designed to meet your needs for outdoor protection for your car/s, boat/s, recreational vehicle/s and outdoor furniture from snow, hail, rain and the sun’s harmful UV rays. Shield’s carport is a stable and strong structure, requires no maintenance and has long term durability.

The spacious Carport comes in standard eave heights of 3m to 6m with a flexible width range of 5m to 25m, and an even more flexible range of width with an unlimited range, storing as many vehicles as you want. This versatile option of having the length that you want is exclusive with Shield Temporary Structures and makes us the best company for your temporary structure carport.