Temporary Structures for NHS

By responding to the national emergency generated by the coronavirus pandemic, Shield Manufacturing has taken a leading role in supplying temporary structure for the testing of Covid-19.

Many NHS sites have been supplied with temporary structures, in order to ensure as many people as possible get immunised with the vaccine.

Regular inspections are made to each location in order to ensure a safe and secure environment not only for the general public, but also the staff on site.

Careful planning has been put into the design to facilitate social distancing and welfare for the staff.

With the large stockholding that Shield has in the UK, we’re able to react very quickly to any problems that may occur with the sites.

Our experienced crews are ready to go at short notice. Being flexible, we can extend or reduce the sizes required as and when needed.

With the possibility of a booster vaccine being introduced, we are ready to support this situation.

All Shield Manufacturing structures are supplied and erected to British Standards.

Further details are available by contacting us.