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Shield Structures Temporary Storage Buildings
Shield Structures Temporary Storage Buildings

Emergency Buildings

Rapid Response Solutions for Emergency Temporary Buildings

Emergency Temporary Buildings are probably the reason the market for temporary structures first started. By emergency one can interpret this as being an emergency that a temporary building is needed as a result of a fire, or maybe a need to get something protected and under cover. Other uses for emergency could be for a temporary fire station and police station.

During airline strikes emergency buildings were required to accommodate the passengers waiting at the airports. In this situation time was of the essence and buildings needed to be there in a matter of hours not days.

Shield is proud to maintain stock levels such as to be able to meet the requirements.
In addition to having the right structures, it is necessary to have the manpower and the logistics to install the structures.

In the event of disasters, it is imperative to provide shelter. In the hierarchy of needs, shelter comes no.2 after water, stressing that emergency shelter is paramount in needs to preserve life. Incidents such as terrorist attacks also stress the need for temporary buildings such as welfare, catering, security and even morgues to be available at short notice.

Shield, as both a manufacturer and a rental company, keeps stocks of buildings available for immediate despatch as and where needed. Often these situations are time critical, so we are proud to be able to react positively to these situations.

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