Our warehouse structures are available in a range of clear span widths of 5m, 15m, 20m, 25m and on standard eave heights of 4.20m, 5.20m and 6.20m. The main framework i.e. the uprights and trusses are manufactured from high-grade anodised aluminium profiles in accordance with German industrial norms, DIN 4112. All connecting parts are manufactured from hot-dipped galvanised steel. We have an unlimited range of length of 5m bays, so we suit everyone’s needs, suiting customers who only want a short length, and customers who want a longer length, and also those who want their length extended.

Our Temporary Structures have a range of uses, such as warehouses, storage structures, loading bays, workshops, carports etc. The temporary structures have many uses, as summarised below:

Temporary warehouses: Our temporary structures are spacious and avoid expensive off-site leasing with our temporary warehouses. Shield Temporary structures can be used as warehouses and are a cheap and therefore cost-effective and flexible alternative to normal buildings and warehousing.

Temporary storage structures: Whether you need to store vehicles, furniture or equipment, our temporary structures are the best solution. We can provide free, expert advice and if you have a budget we will always offer a range of different options/sized structures to suit it. Designed to fit around your business operations, our temporary structures are flexible solutions. We are very flexible, you can extend or modify your temporary structure, and even remove it completely change its location with no sign that it stood there.

Temporary canopies/loading bays: British weather is unpredictable and often dismal weather, which can be a hindrance or even danger to equipment that needs to be loaded, which almost certainly will decrease/restrict your cash inflow. However, with our temporary structures used as loading canopies, you can create a covered unloading and loading area through rain and snow. With our unlimited temporary structure length and high eaves height, you’ll be able to drive your trucks straight inside in no time. We can even attach your temporary structure to an existing building for 24/7 protection from goods damaged by weather that make you money.

Temporary workshops: Shields’ temporary workshops can be used for multiple uses, such as money-making and multiple vehicle storage,  vehicle maintenances to repair and refurbish, and storing repair equipment. Whether it’s not insulated or our double-skin thermo roof option, we can provide the expert help and advice you need.

Carports: Protect your commercial vehicles at work or your own personal vehicle at home from weather and damage, with a temporary structure Carport. Whether its multiple vehicles with a 20-25m width or one vehicle that you can park in every night with a 5-10m width, our range of sizes give endless possibilities

Classroom: Teaching couldn’t be made easier with a temporary structure suited to be a classroom. Being very spacious and suited to seat many students and tables, a whole new classroom can be created or one can be extended from a building. These temporary classrooms can be removed once the temporary classroom capacity improves and are designed to be relocatable, however, with multiple design options and rigid structure, they can be a permanent and incredibly useful addition for a school.

Enclosures: Our temporary structures can be used as a highly durable temporary enclosure that can be used from Jobsite to Jobsite.without requiring any foundations, they can be built quickly on any flat terrain. Plus, they are modular, and with the help of our installation guide and/or phone support, they can be easily constructed and disassembled by our team. In addition to being transportable between worksites, our temporary enclosures can be moved around one worksite.

Events: From large-scale, multi-venue exhibitions to single-space solutions, we’ll work with you to create the perfect space for any event. We have a wide choice of highly flexible structures that can be used alone or linked to each other and your existing buildings. When we put up our temporary structure in no time, whatever the event (football, running, volleyball, cricket, snooker etc.) and wherever the temporary structure is set up (field, warehouse, car park, unit etc.) we will make sure your event is a success. The walls can also be rolled up or taken off for maximum ventilation in a sports environment.

Farm: We have a large range of temporary structures available for agriculture, whether as a cold stall or a building that forms part of a larger farmstead. The temporary structure is vigorous and stable, extendable, expert-engineered and adaptable. When it comes to such buildings, permanent or temporary, why leave anything to chance? Shield’s temporary structures are made from high-quality materials, ensuring that farmers get a building that is robust and dependable, as well as one that cattle and workers can enjoy and thrive in.

Garden: Store everything you need for your garden in a temporary structure, such as; hedge trimmers, lawnmowers, pet houses, chairs, outdoor games and even your own plants to grow as we can install a translucent roof sheeting which creates pleasant lighting conditions and an excellent interior climate, whilst at the same time being maintenance-free and not wearing out. 

Modular Offices: Do you need more office space at your workspace to make more money? Make your money back after buying or hiring a temporary structure from us for extra office space to do more work, as due to it being very spacious and useful for offices, work can be maximised all thanks to a new office or an office extension in a temporary structure.

Outdoor shelter: The unpredictable and often dismal weather conditions can damage goods commercially, and dampen your mood socially, which is why temporary structures can be used at your home or place of business, with an outdoor shelter providing covering equipment and your clothes from getting wet. They can shelter everything such as you, your clothes, your equipment and other people and pets