What are the typical applications for your temporary structures?

Our structure systems can be applied to serve a wide variety of applications.

These include: general storage, logistical distribution, classrooms, sports halls, retail stores, car showrooms, production halls and many more.

Are your structures considered to be temporary or permanent?

Thanks to the innovative and robust design of our structures, they can be used for both temporary and permanent installations. Everything really depends on a customer’s precise requirement. Our structures are very versatile and can be set up and dismantled with ease.

Structures can be supplied on short or long term hire. We are often asked to re-locate the structure to another of our customers sites.

Why should I consider using your industrial structures?

Our Temporary storage services are a much more cost-effective and speedy solution when compared with conventional buildings. They can be installed within days from arrival at your facility and in most cases, without the need and cost of expensive foundations.

In addition, they can be shortened, extended or relocated at any time at a minimal cost. All of which are advantages not available with traditional steel buildings.

Also, if you decide to purchase one of our structures, you will be purchasing a tangible asset – that has a real used value. Please also ask us about our buy-back guarantee.

Should I purchase or hire the structure?

Clients requirements and circumstances vary. As a rule of thumb however, our rental option suits customers who are looking for a short term solution for example, between 6 – 18 months.

Beyond that, the lease purchase or outright purchase options become commercially more favorable over the long term.

Please contact a member of our friendly team for our advice on the most cost-effective solution for your needs.

What are your temporary buildings manufactured from?

All our structures are manufactured from high grade, corrosive resistant, hard-pressed extruded aluminum alloy for the main framework. Hot dipped galvanized steel is used for all connecting pieces including eave and ridge inserts.

Roof covers are manufactured from durable, industrial grade flame-retardant coated PVC material or composite steel sheet roof panels. Side walls are manufactured from a choice of security proof insulated and non-insulated composite walling products all tested to withstand the most extreme of conditions. All our materials comply fully with local building code requirements

Which size of buildings are available?

Standard structures are available in span widths of: 5.00m, 10.00m, 15.00m, 20.00m, 25.00m & 30.00m with eave heights of 4.20m, 5.20m & 6.20m.

We can custom-manufacture structures to suit most applications, for example special span widths to fit a certain site and higher eave heights.

If you have a requirement for a special size, please contact us for a detailed quotation and we will do our best to match your requirements.

What type of ground conditions are needed for our structures?

Our structures can be installed on to most hard standing / load bearing ground surfaces – concrete, asphalt (including car-parks) and also hardcore ground are all suitable – and our free site survey will determine the suitability of the proposed site.

Do your structures comply with international building codes?

Our structures are designed to meet international standards for wind and snow loading. In most cases our standard design of structure will comply with local regulations.

However, if the structure is to be installed in geographical zones that experience high wind or snow loads, we can arrange to make allowances during the manufacturing process that will ensure the building will surpass the specific code requirement.

Do I need to request planning permission for my structure?

We recommend that customers seek consent from their local planning office prior to the installation of the structure. Our structures comply with various specific and local building code requirements.

Our experienced team will advise, support and assist you with all the relevant drawings and documentation needed to support your application.

Can I add to and expand the size of my structures at a later date?

Thanks to the modular design of our structures, our buildings can be easily extended or decreased in length at anytime should the need arise.

Can you custom-manufacture a building to meet my exact requirements?

We can custom-manufacture structures for most applications. When designing bespoke structures, we keep the design as standard as possible and try to use as many stock components as possible and therefore keep costs to a minimum.

What type of insulation and acoustic properties do your structures provide?

Our energy efficient, modular temporary structures offer various levels of acoustic and insulation properties. If required we can produce bespoke thermal and acoustic solutions tailored to specific requirements.

We use the most suitable products that satisfy current legislation, for example UK PART-L & PART-E.

Can I fit doors, windows and ancillary items to your structures?

Yes All our structures are designed to accommodate various types of sectional, roller-shutter and high speed doors, personnel door units, external canopy porches, double glazed windows, lighting, gutter systems and more.

How long does it take to supply a structure from date of order?

For rental products we can be (subject to work load) on site within 7 days from date of order. If you are purchasing the structure, manufacturing usually takes 2 weeks from date of confirmed order plus transit time to your site.

How long will the installation of a structure take?

That will depend on the size and the final specification of the structure. For example, span width, length, number of roller shutter doors and type of walling.

Smaller structures take a matter of a few days; larger structures would take between 10 – 14 days from arrival on site through to final assembly.

Do your structures require any on-going maintenance?

No, our structures are virtually maintenance free. The framework is manufactured from aesthetically pleasing aluminum alloy that does not require painting.

Apart from annual maintenance checks the buildings are maintenance free and regular maintenance checks can be conducted by one of our trained installers.

Can the structures be moved easily to another location?

Yes. Because of the intelligent design characteristics inherent in all our structures they can be dismantled and moved to another location with minimal disruption to your daily business.

If I purchase the structure, will I be able to sell it on once my requirement has ended?

The simple answer is yes. Unlike conventional buildings, our industrial structures always maintain net worth. Our structures are regarded as tangible assets and always offer a good return on investment on the open market.

We can also assist in re-selling any existing structure.

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